To hell with facts! We need stories!

Ken Kesey

I am a storyteller.

And I have a terrible head for facts, which is why I decided not to become a mathematician, endlessly studying infinity…

kcmkzqrniSince I was a little child, I have loved to write. When I was nine years old, my family bought a set of fridge magnets consisting of hundreds of small tiles, each displaying a single word. I spent hours, looking at the words, playing with them, and trying to write poems. Whenever I was given an essay topic at school, I tried to make it into a fiction, writing about marbles, aliens, and everything in-between. At high school, I wrote three short stage plays, which were received well at festivals.

Stories are part of the very essence of our existence. We are constantly telling and living stories. When we tell people about our day, our work, or how we met our significant other, we tell a story. Even lying is telling a story, and we learn at an early age just how far those ‘facts’ can stretch. For me, storytelling is one of the oldest and most important vocation in the world. It is through stories that we come to terms with our present, remember our past, and imagine our future among the stars.


I am a filmmaker.

luke-filmingI grew up in an artistic family and learnt that words are not the only way to tell a story. My mother is a ballet dancer, and my father works in the television industry. From as early as I can remember I have been backstage, onstage, in OB vans, on sets, and behind the camera. I made my first film on my gap year after high school: a stop-motion adventure about a sock who tries to escape from a drawer. Afterwards, I took the plunge and studied film and writing at Wits. I loved my four years at university, writing and directing several short films, including dramas, documentaries, thrillers, and science fiction films. However, as I discovered in my final year, my true passion is drama.


I am a photographer.

londolozi-6Photography has been a slow growing hobby of mine. It started on my gap year. I was given my first camera and started snapping thousands of pictures of my adventures around Europe. I began to take more care with my framing, enjoying creating beautiful images. Since then, I have slowly developed my interest in photography. I enjoy experimenting with different styles, from landscapes to close-ups to wildlife. After spending five months at Tiger Canyon in the Karoo, South Africa, I completely fell in love with wildlife photography and am looking forward to my next trip into the bush to photograph some more of our country’s beautiful animals and landscapes.

Welcome, my friend, to my blog, The Chronicle of a Rambler! I hope you enjoy the samples of writing, film reviews, and pictures that I share with you as I navigate my way through the story of life.