This poem is in part inspired by my gran. It was one of my worst days, watching her slowly slip away. She was surrounded by her family as we all gathered to tell her we loved her, to say goodbye. During the day, I jotted down several pages of notes, trying to understand the situation, my feelings and what my family was doing around me. This is one of many poems that will emerge out of those notes. This first one is not a dedication to my gran, but rather an exploration of death in a hospital.

No words spoken.

Nothing to say.

Solace in holding a hand.

Forehead to forehead.

Wet tears on dry skin.

Silence is support.


A lifeline.

I am here.

Silence is comfort.

Electronic beeps.

Footsteps and people shuffling past.

Whirring machines.

Silence is harsh. Noisy.


A sheer shroud of sound.

Silence is impossible.


Time, meaningless.

Breathing, laboured. Ragged.


Not long now.
Breathe in.

Stillness, the end.
Breathe out.

Time frozen.
Silent. Still.



Silence is death.